Friday, December 21, 2007

These will be the death of me...

We went to the normal grocery store last week...I mean Safeway. Usually we go to a natural and organic store and I am so good at passing up the cookies and sweets. The worst thing I usually put in my cart are dried cranberries or maybe some organic ice cream...but we were at Safeway and I knew these were Andy's favorite cookies, so we put them in the cart...along with the brownie mix Andy had to have. We got home, Andy made the double chocolate fudge brownie mix and for the last week, the untouched brownies have sat on the counter. Unfortunately, I found the cookies and I decided that I wanted one (you know, the kind that have the large granules of sugar on top)...well, before I knew it, I had devoured each of the large sugar granule cookies from their cozy paper cup beds. Now, I have moved on to the ones that are not covered in sugar but are equally as good. When I looked in the container last night, I think there many have been maybe four cookies left. Oh, I am in trouble. Please, someone take these cookies away...and do not allow me to ever shop at a normal grocery store again!


anita said...

Oh, those sugar coated ones are THE best!

dan bowen said...

Butter cookies are great. I got that shirt on Jedidiah's website. It's a shirt for World Vision and the proceeds went toward it.

They have a Hope collection where money goes toward a bunch of cool organizations. Here is a link to the girl's shirts: