Tuesday, December 18, 2007

27 Million::The number of people enslaved today.

I am usually pretty aware of the major issues going on in the world...I love reading the news especially from the BBC because I can read it with a British accent, but I was not really aware of the enormity of the issue of trafficking until I started reading my friend, Courtney's blog. She just released her new website about trafficking here. Please visit it, it is filled with great information and links to other abolitionist sites.
Courtney also wrote about how these traffickers are doing business over Craig's list. I love Craig's list, but since I have been hearing about some of these things, I have thought twice before using it. Please read her post about Craig's list here. Please read and sign the petition. This is such a real issue...it is happening here, in the US as well as all over the world. There are things we can do to be a part of abolishing slavery and trafficking...the petition is just one of these.


Orrange said...

thanks for the post brit. Where did you get the cool button? did you make it?

{B} said...

no problem...I just googled stop child trafficking and this button came up.