Monday, December 03, 2007

Back again.

After finding out our disappointing news last week, we needed some family time and I needed a little blog break. I love my blogs and I enjoy updating, but it was nice taking some time off of the blog for a few days and just being able to clear my head, grieve over our disappointment and start to move on. We spent quite a bit of time outdoors (meaning I was cold) all weekend. On Friday night we went out with our friends Kels and Adam and Sarah and Adam. We went to the Parade of Lights in Denver and to Andy's favorite restaurant GB Fish and Chips. On Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to pick up our copy of the KBCO Studio C CD. It started out that Andy, Blake and I were all waiting in was so much longer than last year. Last year we probably waited in line (in the cold and snow) for two hours, this year, at one and a half hours...we had barley moved at all in line. Thank goodness it wasn't snowing, but it was a crispy 17 degrees...Blake and I finally gave up because we had to meet my parents and I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, but Andy continued to wait in line...three hours in all to get the KBCO Studio C CD. I asked him if it was worth it and it said it was.
Yesterday, we sent a cut down a tree from Pike National Forest. Andy worked on a Christmas tree farm in WA for many, many years...he is a pro. Here is our beautiful tree pre-decorations.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend...


moxleyfam said...

17 degrees, is that even possible??? i thought our 50 degree weather was enough to turn me into a popsicle! I dont know how you do it?!?!

missing you in cali!

{B} said...

Oh do need to visit us sometime to experience a crispy colorado is devine and makes the lattes taste oh so much better.

Love you girl.