Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

For Halloween this year, we were joined by the cutest fifties girl I have ever seen. Blake was so excited...she even was allowed to wear some bright pink lipstick...Andy thought it finished off her ensemble. We went trick or treating in our friend's neighborhood and then we went to the Family Fun Night our church puts on. Blake was in heaven...there were carnival games and rides and a petting zoo...she was even able to ride a miniature horse (the highlight of the night).
Going trick or treating last night was the hardest part of the evening...Blake loved going up to different houses and having them put something in her bag...she has not had any candy, but she realizes that there is something special about do you let your child go trick or treating without keeping the candy??? What do I do when she is older? I know that one day (hopefully far off) she will have candy...I love candy and I want her to enjoy it also, but what do I do next year at Halloween when I would still rather her not have candy??? Hmmm.
All in all we had a wonderful night...Halloween was fun, but bring on Thanksgiving!

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