Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Handmade and Do Good Gift Ideas for Christmas

Did you know there are only 28 days until Christmas...how the year does fly. This year there has been a major pull to buy handmade. I think this is important especially for Blake...all those toy recalls kinda scare me. I am going to try to do a good majority of my gifts handmade. There are so many amazing artists and ideas out there...so many possibilities to find gift ideas for those who seem to have just about everything. Here are some great places to look for handmade gifts:



Design Sponge


You can also take the handmade pledge here.

If you are not too jived about doing the handmade thing, there are also some amazing options for helping others when you are buying your gifts:

World of Good

Compassion International Store

Saints Coffee

(RED) campaign

Kiva Gift Certificates - Loans to entrepreneurs in a developing country


moxleyfam said...

thanks to your suggestion, i bought all my extended family saints coffee! i loved all the other links, too!

{B} said...

I miss you ames...hope you guys are doing good.