Thursday, November 15, 2007

Children's Book Week :: Banned Book List

Did you know there is such thing as a banned book list? Well, there is. The top three reasons, in order, for challenging books are the material is considered to be “sexually explicit” contain “offensive language,” and be “unsuited to age group.” I do understand that these books are challenged with the best intentions - to protect children from difficult ideas. I fully support that, but if a child is mature enough to read some of the books on the list and has an adult available to answer questions and discuss the book, they should be allowed and encouraged to read.
I do have to ask, if we have a banned book list...why don't we have more of a banned children's TV program, video game, and movie list? Most children are seeing cartoons that are “sexually explicit” contain “offensive language,” and are “unsuited to age group.” every afternoon with their after school snack. At least with books, they are actually reading and working their brain a bit.

Here is the list of the top 100 most challenged books of might be a little surprised to see some classics and some favorite books on this list.

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