Thursday, November 08, 2012

We did it! He did it! We survived the first week of school!    Quinn's first day of school was dreamy. We had been talking for weeks and weeks about what it would be like when I dropped him off - he was prepared and I was prepared and his teacher is the sweetest thing on earth so that helped a ton. He went right into his classroom and took his teacher's hand and started their first activity.  I'm use to teachers having the peel my kids off of me when I take them to their first day of school...I was pleasantly surprised that he had no tears and I had no tears.   I was able to actually go home and mop my floors like they have never been mopped before. Ever.  It's amazing what two hours of uninterrupted cleaning time can do for a person.  I am so proud of Quinn and how far he has come in the last few years.  

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