Friday, November 02, 2012

Dear Autumn, I think you are super cool.  I love your crispy cool mornings and your yellow leaves too.  I especially love the fact that along with the cooler weather comes to opportunity to wear some cute brown boots and drink lattes whenever I want. Please stay. Forever.

Dear Starbucks, This morning when the boy and I got our drinks I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is Holiday Starbucks Cup time. This made my day and made me realize that Christmas is just around the corner. Welcome Holiday Starbucks's nice to see you again!

Dear Punky Halloween Kids, I know we were "that house" with our bowl of candy on the porch.  I fully planned on you taking off with all our candy for the neighborhood children in one fell swoop, I wasn't shocked that it was gone - but can I please have my bowl back? Were your pillowcases so brimming with sweets that you had to take my stainless mixing bowl? I hope you get lots and lots of cavities.

Dear Twenties, You've been good to me.  In the last decade I celebrated ten years of marriage,  welcomed three children, graduated college, bought a home, been to some really cool places, and have learned a ton! I don't feel like our time is over - I still feel like I should be 23. But, I hear the thirties are pretty okay too. Here's to the last few day of my twenties!

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