Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things have been so busy for our family so far this 2008. We have been busy doing adoption stuff, hanging out with the youth group at church, potty training, trying to get hired at the fire department, a little bit of running, not to mention our regular work stuff. It has been very crazy and on top of it all, we have been hard at working doing a much needed face-lift for our little house. We moved into our house January 17th of 2005 (the same day we found out we were pregnant). The front of our house was built in 1911 and someone put on an addition in 2003. We have big plans for our house...including taking down some walls in the near future, adding another bath, and finishing part of the basement. Here are some of the things we have done thus far in 2008:
1. My Coffee sign I got for my birthday a few years ago from my parents finally has a home in our kitchen.
2. This is our lovely orange living room...this color makes me so very, very happy
3. Our green dining room with our huge clock...I Love this clock and this color.
4. Believe it or not, this is our bathroom floor.
5. Andy painted our cabinets black and I found this awesome hardware at the Habitat for Humanity Outlet.
6. Andy installed a new pedestal sink...this makes our 115 square foot bathroom feel much bigger.
7. We found this amazing light at target...Andy hard wired it to our bedroom ceiling...did I mention it was 75% off.
8. My wonderful mother-in-law got us this cool Eat sticker from Upper Case living.


Purvis' said...

Britt, you guys have made it look so wonderful!

{B} said...

Thanks manda!

frogirlcin said...

i love all these pictures! i want to come and see your house this summer. :) i still love the orange walls, and the black cabinets are great!

{B} said...

Please come cindy! We would love to see you guys and meet Sam!