Monday, March 31, 2008

Online Photo Workshop

I am so excited about this week...My friend, PB asked me to take part in an online photography workshop...there are 5 photographers who are involved in this project from all over the globe. We were given our assignment last week and we had to turn in our favorite three pictures . Each day this week, a new set of three pictures will be posted, you can comment and vote on which picture you want to be in the show. Just go to this blog and see all the great pictures.

The Assignment we were given is called Wabi-Sabi:"Wabi-sabi is the Japanese concept that speaks to the art of imperfection, and/or the willingness to accept things as they are. Wabi-sabi is about process, not product. It is about decay and aging, not growth. Wabi-sabi requires that we slow down to take notice of hidden things, imperfections, and the passing of time. If you like control, it takes courage and trust to practice wabi-sabi.To practice wabi-sabi means to accept nature’s process, including impermanence and the absence of life. You can start by taking notice of the details in your everyday life. A spiderweb full of dead bugs in the window frame. An old chair with chipped paint. A yellowed newspaper. These things could be dismissed as ugly and without value, but wabi-sabi teaches us that we are in a constant state of change and we must value that which is in the moment" (p. 74-75)

The assignment came from the book Living Out Loud: Activities to Fuel a Creative Life by Keri Smith (she also has a blog at

The Critique begins today. Mollie will post 3 pictures each day from one of the participants. The Critique discussion will take place within the Comments. There will also be a Poll on the side bar for you to vote for which photo will be in the Show.

Here is the link to the critique: I, Mollie

Here is one of the picture I took for the assignment but didn't turn in for the critique:


I, Mollie said...

Love this photo too, B!
Where did you take it?
I'm so glad you participated in this workshop...can't wait for your Critique day...

{B} said...

HI Mollie, I took this picture just outside my parents' house on their bench...I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures!

bp said...

can I use this one ??? :) love you, and that you love this kind of thing.