Saturday, March 01, 2008

My husband is a very passionate person. He is passionate about being a father, and doing a job to the best he can, and he is very, very passionate about the outdoors. I know he has always been this way. When he first moved out to Colorado, he was so homesick for Washington and his family, I knew the only way he would be happy in Colorado was if he grew to love the Colorado outdoors...the first Christmas he was here, I gave him a snowboard...the first ski season he was here he went up 63 times. He then started to become passionate about climbing 14,000 foot mountains...and then came the mountain biking. He just loves being outdoors. Every year he anticipates the first snow like a kid hoping for a snow day. We'll this year he was able to fulfill one of his board Silverton. Silverton is located in southern Colorado and had 38 feet of snow when he was down there! Him and his friends drove down there on Wednesday and he boarded on Thursday. When I finally spoke to him on Thursday night he told me that Silverton is the place where dreams are made. They found out that the Warren Miller film crew would be filming at Silverton while they were there...just a little something else that made this whole experience even more exciting for him.
Another outdoorsy thing we did on Friday was to go to the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Denver. The films are about the outdoors, so many of them are inspiring and make you want to get out of your seat and learn how to free climb or mountain bike, or for some, even base jump (I am not one). The film festival was so much fun. To see when the film festival will be coming to a city near you click here.

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The Harper Family said...

I know how husbands can be! I have a passionate one too :) Andy and Jeff NEED to meet! I seriously think they would be instant best friends! However, I am pretty sure there is no way I could get him to move to Massachusetts (or Colorado!) He's a no go for the snow/cold!!