Friday, January 18, 2008

Climbing Update

Thank you for the lovely suggestions as to how to keep my child from escaping from her room...I appreciated them all...especailly the duct tape one. Thank you, Courtney.

Yesterday I decided that I needed to buy a baby gate to put at Blake's door so that she would have to stay in her mom took Blake for the afternoon and evening (thank you mom!), so I had plenty of time to set the thing up. I showed Blake her new gate to her room and she was having a good time playing with it. Bed time finally came around and I put her to bed like I always do and I explained that I would be closing the gate when I left. She did fine until she heard the "click" of the gate...then, she completely lost it. She went hysterical. Now Blake's emotions are fairly level (especially for a two year old), so for her to lose it, was big. I put her back in her bed, kissed her good night, again, and the next thing I knew, I had a toddler standing in our kitchen. She somehow, silently climbed over the gate. This girl is amazing! She must have sticky feet or something. I put her back in her bed again. It took me way over an hour to get her to drift off to sleep and when she finally did and crawled (yes, I actually crawled) out of her room, that lovely "click" woke her up again...hysterical. So, after dealing with this for the last week and being up between 3:30 and 4:00 AM each morning with my daughter, I finally had enough. I brought her into bed with me and we actually slept most of the night.

On another "fun" note...Blake had three accidents in a row yesterday while we were running errands....we had three glorious days of no accidents...what happened?! Oh the perils of potty training!

By the way...did you know that if paid, Stay at Home Moms would earn $134,121 annually? Hmmm...isn't that interesting.


Orrange said...

toilet training went the same for us. At first we thought we had done it perfectly, waited until brooklyn was ready accidents, and then they started. Overall it still wasn't a bad process. We started going to the bathroom as soon as walked into a new store.. made a game of seeing how many bathrooms we could go to... which I later regretted b/c she no longer needed it but we always had to go to the bathroom.. but it helped. It probably took her about a week of really focusing on it to make it without accidents. Brooklyn has always struggled with constipation so getting her training for that was another thing (she still wore pull ups when she slept for a long time so she would just do #2 then). Eventually we did it, but it was hard, which is really common if constipation is an issue.
Generally if you think there's any chance she can do it, I wouldn't even use pull ups when they sleep, skip it all together, but of course that's not what I did.
Good luck!
And good luck sleeping!

Melodie Monberg said...

If the baby gate doesn't work, how about a screen door? My sister in law has one on her daughter's room. smile

Hang in there. This too will pass!

anita said...

hey brit, check it out...crib tents!