Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blakeley - A New Climbing Expert

Last week, Blake seemed to master the art of climbing out of her crib. I really do mean "Mastered." She is so good at it, I can be standing outside her door and not even hear that she is doing it. Her climbing skills has stealth qualities. Blake has always been tall, so we had put the mattress on the lowest setting it could go months ago. It is now taking us 40 minutes to over an hour to get her down for bed or during nap time. Once she is in bed, she sleeps just fine, but has been crawling in our bed around 4 O' clock. This has not been a fun situation. We finally took one of the sides of her crib down and put a bed rail so she won't fall out....but we are struggling to find a solution that keeps her in her bed. I haven't been able to work in the morning all week because when my alarm goes off, she is right next to me. Any suggestions from you oh-so-wise mothers out there?

On a much happier note, Blake decided Monday that she really wants to be potty trained. We had to go run some errands and before we left, she disappeared into her room and came out with her diaper off and a pair of pretty pink big girl underwear. Today is day four of wearing big girl pants all day long (except nap time) and we have only had one accident. I am the Oh-so proud Mama.

One more funny thing about Blake. She woke up on Monday and also decided that I am no longer Mama...I am now Mommy. I have no idea where that came from, but I kinda like it.


Melodie Monberg said...

We continue to have spurts of this with Tobin (we hear his stomps down the stairs around 5 am the past few days!). For naps and bedtime, we allow him a plastic bin of toys (his Justice League characters are his favorite). He's allowed to play with them for 20 minutes...then we are in there, do the final good night and lights out. Maybe if there are a few things Blake can only play with at naptime/bedtime, she'll be more likely to stay put? It's hard...hang in there...the routine will become nice though that Blake will be out of the crib before you get your baby!

anita said...

Once they learn to climb out, there's not much physically you can do to keep them in. My suggestion is to buy a toddler bed, so at least she doesn't get hurt when she climbs out. Tell her it's her big girl bed and she has to be a big girl and stay IN the bed when it's naptime and bedtime. Then give her books to "read" when it's nap time and bed time. Give her a period of time, say 10 minutes, and then it's lights out! It takes time, but she'll get the idea after awhile.

{B} said...

Thank you guys so much for the advice...hopefully we get something figured out soon!

Purvis' said...

Just tie her down.

(I will be needing all this advice soon too!)

Orrange said...

duct tape?

oh I jest.

kind of.

{B} said...

Thank you for all your suggestions...I do think I am going to have to go with the duct tape!

We actually put up a baby gate at her door and she still climbed over it. This girl just won't give up!