Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a wild and crazy weekend we had at the Dunn house...it has taken me until today to start recovering from all the mayhem.

We started doing a few little face-lifts to our house on Thursday night...we finally decided to paint (a kinda of avocado green for the dinning room and an orange for the living room), and were able to get rid of out linoleum floors. We are trying to refinance our house and decided to to a little sweat equity. Why we decided to do this a few days before Blake's birthday party I have no idea (although Andy blames me). Friday, Blake and I came down with a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cold...I was pretty worthless to help out with house projects after that. My wonderful husband worked his backside off to get the house ready for Sunday. I wish I would have taken some before and after pictures because the change is quite remarkable...we love, Love, LOVE our new changes.

On Saturday, I worked to get everything ready for the party, there was caramel and chocolate sauce to be made and tortillas to cut into abstract star shapes, fry and cover in cinnamon and sugar. Ok, yes I went a little overboard and have been spending a bit too much time on marthastewart.com (I am enrolling in a twelve step program), but the caramel sauce was the best I have ever had and oh-so-easy!
I think my brain wasn't functioning correctly (or maybe it was the cold), but on Saturday I decided that Blake needed a smocket for her party. What is a smocket? Well, it is this adorable thing that is a smock with a pocket. I got the pattern from this wonderful site. It was pretty simple to make...more of these to come.
Sunday was a mad dash to make sure the house was ready to go...but thanks to the Bauer-Martinez Guys, our good friends who came over to help out in the morning, everything was finished on time. They party was wonderful...the weather held out just long enough for everyone to make their own sundae...oh, I do love Colorado weather. Blake and I are still feeling rather crummy...we are drinking lots and lots of tea. Blake is now requesting tea at night before she goes to bed.


frogirlcin said...

you should post photos of your orange and green rooms!! i love to see fun paint colors! :) sounds like it was a fun party. hope all is well.
cindy parsons

{B} said...

HI Cindy...I will post them soon! How are you feeling?