Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kids, Mountains, Home Sweet Home

I know it is September 6th, but Happy September! I can feel Autumn coming and I love it. I am back to wearing my comfy jeans and soon I can break out the clogs and the soup recipes. Summer has been wonderful, but I am looking forward to cooler and shorter days. We have been so busy lately, but good busy.
The last week (well, from Aug. 28th through September4th), we were up staying with the Sand Cherry kids. Their parents went to NY for a child-less vacation. We had a blast but were oh so busy with seven kids (including Blake). Thankfully, the kids were in school during the day. I love these kids, and they were great, but I don't think I could handle seven children all the time! Whew! I taught some of the girls how to sew and they kept busy at night making purses and coasters for their nightstand. I made my first softie for Blake...sadly, Madam Platypus isn't blog worthy...maybe the next one will be suitable enough to make an appearance.
On Saturday, we dragged the whole gang up Mount Evans. This was the last weekend the road to the summit would be open. We drove to the top and walked the last bit to the top.
Blake rode to the top in the backpack via Daddy, but she was just as happy to get to the top.
Yeah Blake...this is your first 14-er!

We are so thrilled to be home. I realized how much I love where I live and our little house in the sticks. I love being able to hear the frogs and crickets at night ans actually see the stars. I also love the quiet of our house. There are big plans for our house in the coming weeks. We are hoping to give it a bit of a makeover. Now, we are busy getting the house ready for Blake's second birthday.

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