Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wishing we were still on our camping trip. We visited 4 National Parks, a few National Forests, and a  National Monument here and there...all in Colorado.

I learned that I could live in our sweet little camper...we had everything we needed and could go where ever our hearts desired.  We would wake up in the morning, make coffee for me and hot chocolate for the kids and send them out the door to play while I started making breakfast.  The National Parks were amazing and the kids became Junior Rangers at each one.  We fished.  Saw moose and a bear.  Went tubing.  Just explored.  We would come back to our camper at night and climb into bed - so tired but so full of the sights and experiences of the day.

It was fun. And exhausting. And refreshing.

Colorado is a beautiful, diverse state.  There is something new to see around every curve of the road.  I feel lucky to live here.  We're ready to go on the next little adventure in our little turquoise camper.

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