Friday, July 05, 2013

Perfectly Unperfect 4th of July

Growing up every 4th of July was spent at the swimming pool.  We would get there early early to save a good spot and just play all day long.  There would be millions and millions of water guns everywhere - it was an all day water fight. Late in the afternoon everyone would gather around the diving tank with their toes in the water for the bellyflop contest.  Broken ribs were a guarantee for the contestants - it was amazing to watch. We would go home as it got dark and light fireworks in the street in front of our house, eat more popsicles, light some sparklers, play late into the night.

4th of July has looked different for our family the past few years - we've gone to Washington, gone to BBQs at our friends, just had a laid back time at home, but there is nothing that we do every year.  We had nothing planned this year - no fireworks were allowed in our county due to the danger of wildfires for the last few years.  Those of us in wildfire areas are going to have to figure out a way to celebrate the 4th sans fireworks. This year, we went to a park, had a picnic dinner and listened to  a great cover band. The kids played and danced until dark - loving every minute of it. On our way home from the park we were lucky to find a spot where we could view several large firework displays - ones that were allowed.  Dancing, cookies, bubbles, friends and family, music, warm weather, fireworks - a perfectly unperfect 4th of July.

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