Thursday, February 02, 2012

Climb On.

My husband is amazing. He can build pretty much anything I ask for. I wanted a wall removed between our living room and kitchen and he figured it out. Before Christmas I showed him a recipe box that I loved and he made it for me. We dreamed up the idea of putting a climbing wall in our basement and he did it.

Everyone pitched in one way or another to help get it built.
The angled section of the wall is at a 42° pitch.
We decided that we would add a hideout for the kids to play in - we call it the cave. It's big enough for multiple kids to hang out in and even long enough for an adult to sleep in.
We have spent hours each day climbing the wall. It's the first thing the kids want to do in the morning and the last thing they ask to do before we get ready for bed. Blakeley has gotten so good that she has almost climbed to the top of the angled section of the wall. Anyone wanna climb?


Meghan said...

he is pretty handy...

anita said...

So awesome!