Monday, January 16, 2012

Favorite Things...Recipe

On our trip back from Idaho we stopped at a small bagel place in Wilson, WY called Pearl Street Bagels. The bagels were chewy and filling and pretty darn perfect and the cream cheese was divine. The veggie cream cheese is full of carrots, celery, onions...the best veggie cream cheese I have ever had. I ordered the Mexican cream cheese for Andy and after only one bite he had to run back into Pearl Street and order a second. The Mexican cream cheese was spicy with bits of tomato and jalapeƱo. I dreamed of bagels the whole way home from Wilson, Wy. I just knew I had to try and make them.
I found this amazing recipe and quickly made three batches of these with in two days. These bagels are a scinch to make and they taste amazing. I actually don't think I will ever have to purchase bagels ever again. They are so simple that I was able to make a batch before taking Blake to the bus stop one morning. If you have never attempted baking bread or working with yeast please take an afternoon and try it. Yeast isn't as difficult as you would think it is and the results of a fresh loaf of handmade bread is so rewarding.


~C said...

i've made bagels before, but not for a couple years...will have to try this recipe! you made me hungry! :)

love your comment on my blog about the snow. i'm sure we're so ridiculous compared to what you're used to! BUT, we do have to take whatever we can get around here. :) we always talk about coming your's just the reality of it that keeps it from happening. gas money, money in general, work, etc. one of these days though! i'd love to come in the spring or summer and see your garden and chickens! :)

{B} said...

We know how it goes! It will happen someday! We are hoping to get out to WA this summer!

Meghan said...

you are one of my favorite things (people). i almost wrote this same post this morning except for a few things: a)i didn't use the same bagel recipe, so, b)my bagels didn't turn out well. and 3)our internet wasn't working:) there you have it. i sure am missing a large kitchen in idaho with a friend who can really cook! (ps...i swear i commented on your blog this am. i am losing my mind.)

{B} said...

yes Megs...I miss the large kitchen too and the friends that can cook too...there really is something about "it takes a village"