Friday, January 14, 2011

One of my resolutions this year was to become better at celebrating - celebrating the big things and the little things and the just because things. I often end up running around doing everything last minute for holidays and birthdays but this year I want to be more purposeful in my planning so I can thoughtfully celebrate the special days and the not as special days. We move so fast. We are constantly going from one activity to another and we have a hard time stopping to recognize each other and just breathe for once. Thoughtfully celebrating all the special moments will help me to stop and really enjoy where we are at this crazy time in our lives. Recently, Blake discovered she has a wobbly tooth. I have been on a hunt to find all things tooth fairy to celebrate this occasion.
This Official Tooth Fairy Kit has me full on drooling. Everything from the letterpress design to the cloth bag to the Tooth Fairy Seal...who knew the Tooth Fairy was so design savvy? This would be one of those things that would be more for me than for my children. I love it and I have been dreaming about this kit while waiting for Blake's pearly whites to start falling out. You need to check out this kit if you have children who will be losing teeth in the near future!

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