Thursday, January 13, 2011

Melkam Gena

We were blessed last weekend. Blessed beyond anything we could have expected. Last Friday was Ethiopian Christmas. On Saturday we celebrated with a gift exchange as a family, a special breakfast and then in the afternoon we went to the Ethiopian Church in Aurora. The church had organized a Christmas celebration for families who have adopted from Ethiopia or who are going through the process. They had tons of games for the kids and even a room where they answered questions about doing hair and braiding. It was amazing. The church even organized an ethiopian feast that smelled wonderful. We were able to meet a ton of other families who have adopted from Ethiopia. We were blessed. I hope and pray that this event becomes a regular thing because it was so amazing and so encouraging. I pray that my daughter grows up to know and appreciate her Ethiopian heritage and by having an Ethiopian community near by will make it so much easier for that to happen.

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bp said...

oh my goodness. BRIT. this is amazing. what an answer to a prayer only a mom (and dad) could have prayed. love you!!! bessie