Saturday, March 14, 2009

I know I have been MIA for a while...I hate going a week and a half between posts, but things have been a bit crazy here. Breck's cold turned into another ear infection and I have been trying to start preschool with Blake. On top of everything, we got a call on Wednesday asking if we would be interested in fostering a sweet baby girl who was born on the 9th. We said yes right away because an opportunity like this could only be from God because it is something I would never, ever imagine happening. So on Thursday the 12th, our two month anniversary of coming home from Ethiopia with Brecken, we picked up a little peanut of a baby that we are so thrilled to be able to love on. We have no idea how long we will have her but we are honored to be be this little girl's family for a while.

I have been so proud of Blake over the last two months. She is amazing with Brecken. I catch her calling Brecken "sweet girl" and running to get diapers and wipes for me. She is such a grat big sister. She has been sleeping in her own bed for over a month now...something that is absolutely wonderful, but something that made me sad to because it is a major sign that she is growing up and it really made me understand how quickly these little ones become independant. Blake has been going to breakfast with her Grandpa a few times a week to celebrate her sleeping in her own bed. This time is such a big treat because she gets to go to McDonald's and eat ice cream and pancakes...yes, grandparents can get away with anything. I started homeschooling Blake a few weeks ago and she loves it...she begs for school. She has been working on writing her name lately. I am so proud of my beautiful big girl.

Brecken is just plain delicious. This little girl loves to smile. In the last week she started waving and really saying "Dada," she also gives little kisses to me when I ask her. She has also been able to balance standing on her own for about five seconds. There isn't much that Brecken does not like to eat...she loves yogurt, squash, apples, black beans...and it is showing in her rolls and rolls on her legs. This little girl is such a little chunk! It is amazing to me that when we first set eyes on her she was 8 pounds and three and a half months. At almost ten months, I bet she is pushing 20 pounds. She has been such a blessing to our family we are so amazed that she belongs to us.

So, things are crazy around here, but it is the good, can't believe this is happening to us kind of crazy and we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams.


Courtney Orrange said...

another beautiful baby in your home?!? that's awesome. I'm proud of you guys for following God on this and not letting the details get in your way. You're an awesome family.

{B} said...

Thanks Courtney!

bp said...

yeah!! so much joy in this post. let me know if we can come down and just visit and help out!! Maybe let you get a nap in there somewhere???