Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trying out new shoes on a nice day

Blake got these awesome shoes from Grandy and Bumpa (my parents) from christmas...actually, she got some pink ones that were way cute but a size too small (nines....yes, my two-year old wears size ten shoes). Andy and Blake went to the mall yesterday to exchange them for a size that will fit and they came back with these rockin shoes. We loves these shoes, especially when Blake wears them with her skinny jeans from Aunt Brie...then she really looks like a rock star!


The Harper Family said...

A size 10?!?! Wow, Colin will be three in one month and he's barely a size 9, he's tall but very skinny! Omigosh Brit, I want to come out to Colorado SO bad! Unfortunately this is not the year, we have a graduation in Seattle, a wedding in Texas and a wedding in Massachusetts...and that's just June! If you are out in the bay anytime soon promise you'll call us! We need to catch up! Thanks for checking out my bog! Talk to you soon!!

{B} said...

I can't believe Colin is going to be three!!! It is so crazy!!! I hope to be in the bay area sometime this year and would LOVE to catch up with you!

anita said...

sweet kicks!