Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hello slightly neglected blog! Things have been a bit out of sorts lately as we have been trying to get the house ready to be appraised...we have been painting walls and cabinets and trim. That being said, I was without a kitchen all weekend and Andy and I survived mainly on gummy bears while Blake devoured cherrie-o's. We had a much needed break when we went to watch the Super Bowl with some friends...I really do not care for football, but it was rather nice to be away from all the craziness that comes with working on a house. On Sunday night, (around 8:30) Andy started tearing out our only bathroom in the house. We hadn't really planned out doing our bathroom yet, but last weekend we had to put our huskies in the bathroom while we were finishing a project...the completely tore up all the linoleum. We had purchased some really beautiful tiles months ago and were just waiting to have a moment to put it in. The tile has a mesh backing with all these tiny smooth blue stones glued on. Andy and I tiled our bathroom on Sunday night and grouted on Monday. Last night Andy put out toilet and our sink back in. It was very interesting being without a toilet. I had to call my mother in a panic yesterday to have her come pick us up so we could use her facilities...luckily she only lives a half mile away. We had also been without a shower since Sunday. Yesterday I found myself rocking a set of french braids...that style rarely comes out unless it is absolutely necessary. Last night Andy finished the bathroom while I did is so nice to have working facilities.

I am off to work and then back home to finish getting ready for the appraisal!


Orrange said...

i LOVE the new look!

{B} said...

Thanks Courtney!