Monday, October 29, 2012


Life is crazy.  Its fast.  Its loads of fun.  And sometimes it just gets busy.  So busy that things you really like to do (ahem, blog) fall to the side. I look back at the last year or so and realize that I really do miss having my little blog to write about my little happenings in my little world.  So, we are going to try this again folks and see what happens - no promises.

Last week my boy graduated from Toddler Group.  We started this group last October and I was so thankful for it.  The kids in this group all have varying degrees of hearing loss and when  you are trying to figure out about your child's hearing loss it is amazing to be surrounded with parents and kids who are trying to figure it all out also.  Ms. Lynne and Ms. Nancy were amazing teachers - they encouraged us and answered questions and pushed us.  I am going to miss our group so very much.

We found out about Quinn's hearing loss at birth. He has normal hearing in one ear and profound loss in the other.  We were scared and frustrated and hurt and very confused about what it means to have a child with a profound loss. We started right away in a program called CHIP (Colorado Home Intervention Program) where Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy would come to our house to work with us.  We have met some amazing people through this program and I know I am a better parent from what I learned from all these people.

Now, I have a funny, sweet almost-three-year old who is walking, sometimes running, climbing, singing and starting to say so many words and sentences here and there. We are still just starting our journey into hearing loss and figuring out what that means for Quinn but I feel like we have come so very far thanks to all the people who have walked along side of us.

Quinn will start preschool next week.

I can't believe he will start preschool next week. Three years ago when I had a 4-year old, 18-month old, and newborn - I felt like this day was so, so far away.  We've been talking about it a lot trying to get him (me) prepared for it. I'm not ready.  I never am when it comes to my kids going off to school.  It will be good for him to fly on his own for a few hours each day. He will learn so much and I can't wait to see his growth. But secretly, I am so sad - I might need a few more vanilla lattes that day.  


Meghan said...

and vanilla lattes you shall have. and a shoulder. xo

{B} said...

You are the best, Meg!