Monday, June 06, 2011

Garden Update

We have been busy the last few weeks...and things are starting to payoff. Here are some pictures of our garden a few weeks ago
Tiny lettuce sprouts.
At this point, all our garden beds were not quite finished.

Here is the garden now. Most everything has been planted. Today we actually harvested a bunch of spinach. Everyday we check to see what has gotten bigger and weed a bit. It is humbling to grow something - to witness the miracle of planting a small seed in the ground and watching it sprout and grow bigger and just seeing what is was meant to do.
Giant sunflowers that are just a few inches now.
Here is our lettuce...ready to harvest now!

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anita said...

So awesome! Can I come work on your urban farm? I'm just trying to get one raised bed built! Looks like I may be building it myself.