Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I am ready to go camping. We finally got our snow here and now all I can think about is our sweet vintage Rolite camper. We had so much fun camping this last summer. It was so amazing to be able to grab the kids and just go knowing that we have a place to sleep and cook our food pulled right behind us. I having been planning all sorts of camping trips for this spring and summer. I have also been drooling over some of the way cute trailers I have seen online and getting lots and lots of decorating ideas.

Go to Snail Trail for more amazing images of their campers. They have a whole fleet of VW Vans you can rent with hip names like Betty, Elsie, Dot, and Ruby. These are so droolworthy.


Purvis' said...

so cute! And I love the new banner!

{B} said...

thank you!