Monday, August 16, 2010

My biggest girl went off to kindergarten last week. She woke up excited and so ready to go. She hardly touched her breakfast because she was a little nervous so we made a special first day of school trip to Starbucks for a vanilla steamer and a vanilla latte to calm both of our nerves...Starbucks works wonders. We found her teacher in front of the school and she lined up to walk inside with all the other kindergarteners. You would think that with twenty-some five years olds and their parents and siblings it would be loud with talking, but everyone was so quiet, that I'm nervous and trying to hold it together kind of quiet. Her teacher is as sweet as they get and was able to say the words that parents and kids need to hear on the very first day of school.
Before we left for school, Blake asked me to draw a little heart on her hand so she could be reminded of how much she is loved while she was at school...I drew a heart on my hand too just because I will miss my first baby so much while she is gone at school learning and growing.


anita said...

I'm amazed you guys start school so early. My grandkids don't go back until after Labor Day!

{B} said...

Our county starts so early! I hate it! But we do get out of school mid-may!