Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are back home and trying to get back into the rhythm of being home and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. We had a fantastic time in Washington...we loved seeing our family and friends and wish so badly that we could see you more often...but it is nice to be home too.

We came home to chickens who are now laying eggs and lots of CSA veggies. We have a goal to use all the veggies we get before the following CSA I made baked kale chips and a CSA quiche with swiss chard, garlic scapes, zucchini and onions...not to mention that the eggs for the quiche came from our very own chickens...a quiche is really an awesome way to use our veggies up. Now we just have bunches of pesky beets that we need to use...I have never had a beet before in my life and I am completely lost about them. I love pretty much all veggies, I willingly tried brussel sprouts a few weeks ago and liked them, but I really have no desire to try beets...and I know we have more beets coming to us this week.

Yesterday while I was putting in a load of laundry in our basement I spotted something on the a closer glance the thing jumped and I realized that somehow a toad had found its way in to my basement. We caught it and Blake is now trying her darndest for us to allow her to keep it as a pet. Its cute...but I don't know if it is quite that cute. All I really care about is how on earth did it get into my basement?


Purvis' said...

What is it in? It looks like melted ice cream with a tree growing out of it!

{B} said...

Ha!Blake had this Grow a Frog get a tadpole in the mail and then you watch it grow...well, the tadpole died a few days after we got it so now its the perfect home for our new friend.