Friday, June 25, 2010


Today is Friday and on Friday nights during the summer, you will find us at the park, under the tree (my favorite tree), at movie night. We look forward to this the whole week long. My parents host movie night in the park in our sweet little town. We have a picnic dinner while the big movie screen gets set up and then we wait for our friends to come and join us.

My mom makes popcorn for everyone (I really mean everyone) and we all enjoy watching a movie together. That's what I love about movie nights...the togetherness is awesome. So many families in our town come down to watch the movie. The kids play while the parents can talk and we just hang out and build friendships - what an amazing concept in a world where people hardly know their neighbors. We are blessed to live where we live and we love it!


Meghan said...

love your blog brit! can't help but notice my little bean with the big belly hanging out of his shirt. shirt too small, shorts too long! i love that your parents host movie night. it is really the BEST thing! xoxo

anita said...

hey brit! loved seeing you guys last week! thanks for letting us park our trailer in your road! we had an eventful trip home, have to tell you all about it when we see you this week!

too bad we weren't there for Friday night movies!


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