Monday, February 22, 2010

Once again...almost an entire month has gone by without a blog...poor, poor, neglected blog. The really sad part is that so much has gone on in the last month that would have been fun to blog about...oh well, we'll try to do better in the next month.
We've added some chickens to our brood...six to be exact. They are wonderful animals and we have really been enjoying them. We got our chicks as a gift from my parents for Valentine's Day. The Denver Urban Farmer's Market has been our Saturday outing for the last month or so and they were selling the chicks there. I have been researching backyard chickens for a long time now and we finally took the plunge to start our own flock. We are striving to eat local and sustainable and these seems to be a good step towards reaching that goal. Andy has been gathering up free pallets and he will start constructing the coop very soon, for now though, the chicks are living in my loft in a huge storage container under a heat lamp.

Brecken has recently started insisting on wearing a tutu or "woowoo" as she calls it, around the house. It has been a struggle to get her out of the house without it on. This girl amazes me. She is a strong-willed, independent woman who is not afraid to let us know when something doesn't suit her right. She is starting to talk more and more. I still have to remind myself that it has only been just over a year since we became part of her life. She has just grown so much in the last year.

Quinn is also growing so much. At just under nine weeks old, he is right around 12-pounds. We have been blessed with the most laid-back baby every created. He is so content and sweet. I am starting to get braver with taking all the kids out by myself. I actually made it to Target last week with all three kids and it wasn't a disaster...praise the Lord!


Melissa said...

They are all so precious! You are a brave woman to do Target with three! I remember going to target with two and thinking how do people do this! My brother and his wife have eight chickens and Tate is a huge fan! I'm sure you guys will love having them!

~C said...

Hey! So you guys are thinking about coming this summer? When and how long? And of course we have to hang out lots!!! We have random baby stuff too if you need to borrow anything so you don't have to haul it all over here. It would be so fun to see you and catch up. I'm terrible at long-distance friendships. :( We are always talking about taking a road trip to visit you. Would be fun to see you twice this summer!
You're little kiddos are cute!! Sawyer is such a super easy baby too. Sometimes I have to remember he's here! :) So nice to have a break though, especially when there's other kiddos who need so much attention right now. Miss you!

anita said...

Hey Brit, good to hear you are doing well! Can't wait to see you guys!