Tuesday, January 19, 2010

four weeks.

Quinn is four weeks old today. We have been blessed with the sweetest, most laid back baby we could have ever imagined, and with two wild women running around my house, we loving his relaxed spirit. We are slowly starting to find the new normal with three kids. The girls are absolutely taken by Quinn. He gets lots of kisses and is watched very closely by two sets of big sister eyes. We have indeed been blessed.
The last year was hard. Being pregnant is not something I do very well, but for as bad as it was, it is so much better now. Since Quinn's birth, I have felt like I had just returned from a very long, tiring trip and that I can get back to my life again. You know the feeling when you have just gotten home and you are able to unpack and wash away the exhaustion and you are just excited to get back to your normal life? That's what it feels like now. I am ready to get back to life where I can spend time with family and friends and create and just have joy in the utterly normal aspects of having a young family. I will look at 2009 as one the hardest and best years - hard from just everything my family went through with my being pregnant and best because we welcomed two children into our hearts.


I, Mollie said...

he's beautiful! hooray for a new year for you and your growing family.

anita said...

Blessings on you and your family!

{B} said...

Thank you!