Wednesday, September 09, 2009


So I believe I am ready to re-emerge again. So much has happened in the last few months and it does make me so sad that my sweet blog has no record of it...but I needed my break. We found out I was pregnant in April and soon I was completely overtaken by morning sickness and hormone related depression. I couldn't stand the pressure of trying to write I just closed everything down for a while until I was feeling better...I never thought it would take this long to start feeling better. I was really angry about the whole situation...I'm pregnant...this is supposed to be an exciting time, a time when I am thrilled about the future of our family and thrilled that I can even get pregnant again...but I was just so very sad about it all. Over the last few months I have had to really embrace my crazy emotions and realize that depression is terrible a sickness that will eventually pass. It is amazing how common it is for women to experience depression during pregnancy, yet it is something that is so rarely spoken about. The March of Dimes estimates that 1-2 pregnant women out of 10 experience some symptoms of major depression. Depression is something that must be spoken about.

I also had to learn the to accept help from others. I am blessed with an amazing support system and all these people who I love and who love me gathered around me to help me however they could. Thank you so much to my friends and family who supported me during the last few months by cleaning my house, driving me around, providing meals, watching my girls, and continuing to call even when I really did not want to talk to anyone at all. I have been so very blessed by all of you.

The last few months have been so difficult. I am blessed to be going into another season of this pregnancy. We found out a few weeks ago that we will be welcoming a boy into our family in December. We will name him Anderson Roy Dunn V, but we will call him Quinn. He is healthy and strong and we can't wait to meet him.

Blake and Breck have been so amazing this summer. They have both grown in so many many ways. Brecken turned one on May 23rd. We had a big celebration at our house not only celebrating her birthday but just the fact that she is ours. We learned that day that she has a major sweet tooth...she completely dove into her cake and loved every minute of it. She started walking over 4th of July weekend. All of a sudden she took eleven steps at once and then sixteen steps, and then there was no stopping her. She loves to walk and explore things. She is amazing. I just look at her and realize how many ways she has blessed our family.

Blake is an amazing big sister. She absolutely loves Brecken and is so excited about Quinn. She has been so sweet to Brecken. Each night she gives her a kiss before she goes to sleep. She comforts Brecken when she is crying. She amazes me. This summer Blake started soccer...she is a soccer star. In August, Blake started preschool two mornings a week...she went right into her classroom, said goodbye to mommy and daddy and started playing. I actually made it out to the car before I started crying like a baby. She loves going to school and loves to help her teacher. She is starting art lessons next weeks and is just so excited about them. Blake turned 4 yesterday, Sept. 8th. Unfortunately, Andy, Blake and I all had the flu so it wasn't the funnest birthday ever...we are going to have a birthday dinner later on this week when we are feeling better. I can't believe she is 4. Each year just goes by faster and faster.

So that was our summer in a are some pictures for you as well...


Hannah said...

welcome back! i've missed reading about what is going on in your life. sounds like A LOT! hope you all get to feeling better, britt. your girls are so beautiful and i think it is amazing that Quinn is soon on the way!

{B} said...

Thanks Hannah!!!

anita said...

congrats! so nice to hear from you again!

csexton1123 said...

I am so happy you are back!! I have been waiting and waiting for an update. I'm so glad to hear that you and the girls are doing well. I will continue to follow you up until (and beyond) my own adoption journey one day. Thanks for sharing your story.