Tuesday, May 19, 2009

to 'poo or not to 'poo

Shampoo, I mean. I recently have found a movement of people who have stopped using shampoo. Some have done this for economical reasons - good shampoos can tend to be expensive and it is something you will always eventually run out of. Others are doing it for environmental reasons...less plastic containers, less chemicals going into the earth and into the body. This whole idea just intrigues me. I always try to use products in my house that are environmentally friendly and not harmful to our family...but this is just something I want to try out for myself. Some 'no poo-ers' use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean their scalp and hair and then rinse with apple cider vinegar...this method really does not float my boat. There is a low-poo method that I am going to try. I will be using Dr. Bronner's castile soap once a week....the rest of the week I am just going to rinse my hair with just water and go.
I look at my daughters' hair...I maybe actually wash their hair once a week even though they shower every day...their hair always looks great, never greasy or smelly. I have been trying to go longer between washes...normally I am a wash my hair everyday kind of girl...so this is going to be a huge thing for me to do. I am hopping that it will only take a week or so for my hair to transition in to this low-poo way of life. I washed my hair on Friday...today is now Tuesday...let's just say that I have been wearing my hair up for the last few days. I know it's going to take time and I want to really give this thing an opportunity to work...We'll see how it goes.

Here are some no-poo resources:
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Why You Should Go No 'Poo


Hannah said...

please keep us updated!!! my sister in laws and i were thinking of doing this together this summer - i'm not sure any of us have the strength to do it alone. ha! but so far, though it was their idea, i think they're not too big on it any more. keep us updated - you may inspire the 3 of us to go along with you. no pressure. :)

{B} said...

I'll let you know!

Blog Shmog said...

i use bronner's twice a week and don't wash my hair anymore than that. i also use apple cider vinegar about once a week as a conditioner. it works really really well but i notice if i use ACV more then once a week it's almost too conditioned. looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!

I, Mollie said...

this is fascinating - i love it! i'm off to try some Bronner's right now...

{B} said...

I'm so glad you have been happy with Bronner's! I can't wait to try it out on Saturday!

The Six of Us said...

Hi! I found your blog through the link of another blog and, since I am not a fan of stalkers, I decided to comment :)

We were without a shower (bathroom remodel) for about a month. And even though we had friends and relatives offer their showers, we didn't make it there every day. I ended the time with the conclusion that my hair really doesn't need to be washed every day. Those links make me feel okay about that conclusion...not like I'm just being dirty! :)

Daniel said...


I'm from the noshampoo.org site and noticed a track-back. I thought it was funny that you found it difficult to go a week without washing!

I'm happy to report that the whole family (five girls and I) are without shampoo. The new baby has never had shampoo.

I don't use baking soda or cider vinegar or anything else. Once a year in the summer I use a deep conditioner just to have soft hair, but otherwise no problems.

To clarify why: I just think we overconsume (especially those of us in the developed world). In france, there is certainly less of a problem than the US and the UK, but it is still an issue.

All the best!