Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There has been so much that has gone on in the last month...everything is kinda blurring together. We enjoyed Christmas together with my family and then went up to the mountains for a few days. We were able to just relax in the mountains...we all went sledding together one day. It was just some good time to enjoy being a family of three for the last time.

When we got home we dove into packing for our trip...We ended up bringing five bags - two huge bags full of humanitarian aid, one bag full of diapers and formula and snacks for us, and two backpacks of clothing. We left on the 1st for Ethiopia and arrived on the 3rd. We got Brecken our first day in country. She is so amazing. Sometimes I just look at her, so in awe that she is actually here and actually ours. We are so very, very blessed by this special gift from Ethiopia.
We have not been home for a little over a week. We all came home with stomach issues, colds, coughs, and just all around exhaustion. We found out a few days ago that Brecken has double ear infections and her right ear drum ruptured...other than that, she is just such a happy baby. She smiles all the time and just loves to babble. More to come later.


~C said...

yay! glad you're home. :) when do you guys plan on coming out? is it awhile?? are we going to have to come to you? :)

miss you. we should chat and catch up when you feel more settled in and have some time to kill.

Hannah said...

what a beautiful family!!