Friday, July 18, 2008

Little Garden Fairy

A few weeks ago, I started seeing a certain little fairy in our garden. She comes out every few days to help me water and to make sure everything is growing as it should. She loves her fairy wings.

These were actually pretty easy to make. All you need are two metal hangers (they actually still sell these at walmart), two packages of girls tights (I used the largest size in girls to make sure I would have enough), yarn or twine to wrap around the wings, 3 yards of ribbon, glitter, and good ol' elmer's glue. You also need to watch this video that will guide you through everything you need to do. These wings were so much fun to make. I formed the hangers and put the wings together and Blake helped me to the glitter (outside of course...she did go a little glitter crazy).

I hope to see this little fairy in my garden all summer long!


A Project Here...A Project There said...

too cute!! :)

ps i found your mom's site on etsy. fun fun!

Amy Mayerson said...

So Cute! I cannot wait until our little Zoe is ready for fun things like these. I have to tell you, I always look forward to your blog! You are so creative & talented-even your blog is always beautifully done.

moxleyfam said...

i think cody would freak out to see a fairy on our yard... we will have to wait...maybe #3. miss you

larumliving said...

Brit, you are so creative. This picture is just beautiful. You have the cutest daughter ever. I miss you and love ya!