Friday, April 25, 2008

I want to make cupcakes. I was so inspired by Trophy Cupcakes that I now have this urge to bake all kinds of cupcakes. Have you ever done a Google search for cupcakes? It is amazing! Just look here at this amazing list of pure cupcake inspiration. I have been doing some major cupcake research lately and now I am just waiting for the few hours I need to start creating. Oh, I can't wait!
I have always thought that I would love to have a bakery. I love to make breads and cookies and pastries. I love baking because it feels like such an artful and love-filled process. When I bake it is almost always with someone in mind, normally Andy or Blake, but someone that I love who I want to enjoy something that is made from scratch. I have big plans and many cupcake recipes to try out...I think I want to try a red velvet and cream cheese frosting cupcake recipe first, or maybe a dark chocolate with raspberry frosting cupcake, or even a vanilla cupcake with butterscotch frosting, or how about a coffee cupcake with caramel many recipes so little time.


H. McBrayer said...

mmmmm...i wish i lived closer, so i could share in the yummy goodness! i love your creativity and your determination. they ALL sound wonderful!

frogirlcin said...

i've made red velvet cupcakes before and they are wonderful!! :)

we've been looking at tickets!


{B} said...

Yay! Please come out!!! It would be so much fun!

Purvis' said...

if you have experimented at all- bring them tonight! I need some of these for sure!

Melodie Monberg said... every time I check your blog and see this picture, it makes me want to eat you have to post such a scrumptious picture?

How's the waiting going?

Melodie Monberg said... more thing...we made your margaritas the other night...thanks for sharing the recipe...they were great!